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Easiest Benefit Ever!

Smart Concierge

PBA has teamed with Zest Health to provide plan members with access to an intuitive mobile healthcare app with live, 24/7 concierge support, access to benefit information, plan provider networks, and advocacy services. Smart Concierge provides service to all coverages and services included in an employer's complete benefits package combining them in one convenient account.

Member Information

Smart Concierge gives members access to a variety of benefit account information including:

  • Personal benefit information
  • Plan specific provider networks with multi-tier network designs and speciality networks
  • Eligibility and demographics
  • An easy to understand explanation of their health plan, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs
  • Accumulators and claims data so they can see exactly how much they've spent on deductibles and track healthcare expenses in real time
  • An electronic benefits card that can be accessed without leaving the app
  • A list of speed-dial links to quickly connect them to their telephonic benefits
App screen showing member information links:  plan information, plan utilization, claims history, ID card, flex benefits

Resources & Tools

Members have access to the following tools and resources through Smart Concierge:

  • Symptom finder and health information. Users can search for general wellness or condition specific articles.
  • Telemedicine can quickly connect a user to a live doctor. Smart Concierge easily integrates with Telemedicine to generate even more potential for savings!
  • Smart Concierge's price transparency tool allows users to compare prices for a variety of services and procedures. This tool ranks providers based on pricing and helps members make smarter choices about care, saving money for both the employee and the plan.
  • Professional, licensed nurses are just a tap away and can help to guide members to appropriate care.
App screen showing member resource links:  smart concierge, telemedicine, imaging benefit, lab beneift, pharmacy benefit


Plan members can request an appointment through the app or by phone. A healthcare concierge can assist users with scheduling appointments with in-network providers.

App screen showing tools for scheduling:  find a doctor, find a procedure, my appointments, my health contacts

Value to Employer Groups

  • Concierge triage and price transparency helps to avoid unnecessary treament, and unnecessarily high costs
  • Employees are more satisfied with their benefits since they are easier to use and understand
  • Smart Concierge sends out periodic reminders and notifications to keep employees engaged and to drive them to the Smart Concierge service
App screen showing the price comparison tool.  A red, yellow, green spectrum shows price range for a list of providers